Année : 2005
Longueur : 34.05 m (112.00 pieds)
Largeur : 7.35 m (24.11 pieds)

Coque : GRP
Tirant d’eau : m ( pieds)

Moteur(s) : Mtu 3X 1492 Kw MTU
Vitesse maxi : 41 noeuds

Cabine(s) : 4
Couchage(s) : 9
Equipage : 5
Descriptifs :
Anchorage and mooring
Anchors are made of zinc steel with high anchoring capacity. They are balanced and weigh 120 Kg each.
They are approved by the Registry of Shipping.
Two chains, 100 m long each, are supplied. They are made of warm zinc-plated steel, at the 2nd degree and have a 14 mm diameter. Chains’ dimensions are in accordance with the Registry of Shipping.
Four Nylon mooring ropes, having a 26 mm diameter and a breaking off light load of 73.5 KN. Every rope has a steel spliced thimble, a stainless steel chain (2 metres long/10 mm diameter) with clevis.
There are also a Nylon tow-rope (30mm diameter) and a 103 KN breaking off load.
A standard Leopard gangway-crane comes out of the aft hatch. It is a retractable Albatros PI686 (5.10mt long) with a 7 function panel board.
The yacht offers accommodation for 9 guests in 4 cabins + 3 cabins for 5 crew members. Every room has been designed and built to assure the best comfort.
Lower deck cabins
• Garage: Tender (Novamarine 400) and Jet-sky (Bombardier) 2 seats
• Engine room
• Kitchen
• Dinette area with laundrette
• Crew
• Vip bedroom & shower bathroom
• Guests’s room with single beds + shower bathroom
• Guests’ bedroom and shower bathroom
• Shipowner’s bedroom
• Shipowner’s bathroom with separate WC and shower
• Crew’s cabin with two separate beds
• Crew’s shower bathroom
• Chain cables and forepeak
Medium deck
• Shipowner’s study
• Deck toilet
• Technical room
Main deck
• Conversation open-air aft area with two lateral sun-suits and sofas
• Sitting-room with sofas (access from half), with fridge and ice-maker
• Dinning area with seating for 12-people and furniture
Navigating Bridge

• Three armchairs in the control area
Description of the materials used for the furnishing
• Various type of wooden walls
• Roof covered with leather panels
• Carpet
• Various type of wooden furniture
• Internal spot-lights and decorative lamps

• Portholes with curtains

Shipowner’s and Guests’ bathroom
• Various type of wooden walls
• Roofs with enamelled staves or covered with leather panels
• Floor covered with carpet and teak
• Wood finishing
• Wood shelves
• Bathroom and lavatory made of porcelain and steel
• Cabinets for medicines and bathroom material
• WC
• Shower-bath covered with teak
• Portholes with curtains

Crew’s cabins
• Enamelled wood walls
• Roofs covered with leather or enamelled panels
• Ceramiflex floor or covered with other plastic material
• Internal lights
• Made to measure- mattresses, bed sheets and pillows
• Portholes with curtains

• Accessories: double sink, big professional oven, four electrical hot-plates, air-heating oven, electrical Barbecue, microwave, refrigerator and freezer according to the General Arrangement Plans
• Ceramiflex floor or covered with other plastic material
• Internal spot-lights and decorative lamps

Main saloon and dinner area
• Various type of wooden walls
• Roof covered with leather or enamelled panels
• Carpet
• Cloth sofas, coffee table, dinner table, chairs ….
• Various type of wooden furniture
• Internal spot-lights and decorative lamps
• Portholes with curtains

Wheelhouse and sitting room/ladders area
• Various type of wooden walls
• Roof covered with leather or enamelled panels
• Teak floor
• Various type of wood furniture
• Internal spot-lights and decorative lamps
• Instrument panel: engine display, navigating electronic instruments, computer, electric panels….
• Sofa, plotting table, armchair (wheelhouse)
Air conditioning
All the interior rooms, including the wheelhouse, are air-conditioned. The percentage of renewal air is appropriate to the room’s characteristics.
Navigation and communication equipment
The yacht is supplied with the following equipment situated on the main control panel.
• Speedometer
• Wind indication system
• Autopilot
• Gyrocompass
• Plotter/DGPS
• Coloured radar
• Coloured depth sounder
• Manoeuvring intercom
• Telephone system
• Magnetic compass
E/R VHF DSC -Sailor RT4822E
E/R VHF GMDSS Navico Axis 30
2 x E/R VHF port. Simrad TC 50
EPIRB MC Murdo 82-001 A
SART MC Murdo RT 9
SATCOM Fleet Nera Fleet 33
Security system
The yacht has the following security equipment, homologated and certificated by the Registry of Shipping.
• A full kit of navigating lights ( not steering lights)
• A full kit of flags
• Self inflating life rafts
• Life jackets
• Life buoys with beacon
• Portable dust extinguishers and CO2 placed according to the Registry of Shipping’s rules
• Indicator flare and signal rockets
• Shipboard medical kit
Radio Tv system
Radio/music system. Music is spread all over the yacht through high quality equipment situated in the Owner’s room, in the Guests’ rooms and in the kitchen. The Crew’s cabin is equipped with a Sony Car system. The main saloon has a stereo system spreading into aft. The stereo system is located in the main saloon and the sound is spread over the fore sunbathing area by means of boxes.
TV system. A full Tv system is supplied in the : saloon, Ship owner’s room, Vip room, Guests’ rooms and in the kitchen. A satellite TV antenna with decoder is installed in the saloon and in the Ship owner’s room. Crew’s cabins is also equipped with Tv system.
Communication system
Telephone system. The yacht is equipped with a telephone switchboard to manage the inside/outside phone lines from ashore, the satellite and GSM.
Intercom system. It allows the communication with every room in the yacht. Communication is guaranteed through the phone switchboard , said above.
Manoeuvring intercom system. This equipment allows the Ship-owner, standing on the bridge , to easily communicate with the fore, the aft and the engine room (thanks to headphones and to an appropriate intercom).
Main engines
The engine system is made up of three MTU 16 V 2000 M91 engines, having the power of 1492 KW (2000Hp). The engines are set for the maximum power of 1492 KW (2000Hp) which will guarantee the maximum speed of 36 knots. The engine system is provided with a monitoring system supplied by MTU.

• Full propulsion system: reducing engines and Kamewa groups
• Automatic parallel generators system
• Tender (Novamarine 400)
• Jet-sky
• Electric equipment, such as TV, HI-FI and whatever requested by the Ship-owner
• Upholstery and curtains
• Cutlery, crystal and kitchen equipment
• Bed clothes

• Bathroom clothes
A complete list of exclusions is available upon the request.

Prix: 9 975 000 € HT


  • Catégorie : NC
  • Port : Sud de la France